January 26, 2004!

Finally got the server upgraded and ready to go.  Finally went with Fedora.  Works good; good nuff for g'ment work.  Hope to update the site a little more in the next few days.  Also added a new "old news" section at the bottom.

December 15, 2003 - SERVER UPDATE!

Due to Redhat discontinuing support for it's standard OS in April of 2004 among other problems the server will be down off and on throughout the week. Check the Title across the top for updates. The Blog will not function if the server is down; so if you get a 404 error that is why. In the meantime I'm researching whether or not to go to Mandrake or Fedora.

November 1, 2003

Moved the website from http://family.cakemadness.com/ to my new webserver.  The old site can still be found there as a mirror.  Need to duplicate it and make sure both are the same; maybe later when I have time.  Be sure to check out the new BLOG.  Should be fun.  Family and Friends should email me at ssdd@nbnp.net for login's if they want to make their own posts on the front page.  You don't have to have a login to make comments (keep them clean, and be nice please).  Also, if you are serious; let me know and I'll set up a Blog of your very own.