Groom's Family


(Top: left to right): Cat, John, Tresa & David.  (Bottom: left to right): Johnny "Grandaddy", Junior, Jo-Lynn "lynnie".  This is the grooms parents/grand parents.  Grandad & Jo-lynn drove all the way from Cuba, KY.  Tresa (grooms mother) and David drove from Spring Lake, NC (Fayetteville area)


Alica added to bottom right.

My moms only request was to read a "Mother's Prayer" poem of sorts.

Tears of joy I hope. :)

John with his mom and her husband.

Mom again.

Mom again...  Photographer apparently thought she was very photogenic.


My brother (George) and his wife (Brandi) even brought my Niece (LaNora Maegan).  If anyone has a picture I can post please let me know.  Mom? 

My apologies to George & Brandi for the mistake in wording; we had Nephew instead of Niece...  hehehehe oops!  We went through all of this several times before sending out the email update; guess we missed it :)