"The Whole Enchilada" was our home for the weekend.  One of the most expensive of all that was done but by far the best value.  Parents, bridesmaids, & groomsmen stayed here, we did to of course.  It actually ended up being cheaper than everyone getting a hotel room.  Also made a great fall back plan of being married on the rear deck if it decided to rain.


Serena & Helena Mika really went out of their way for us; Serena lives in Raleigh, and her mother Helena lives in Fayetteville, NC.  They worked very hard on the cake (which was like 5 different flavors of cheesecake and one layer of regular chocolate cake [for dad]) and also handled almost eevrything when it came to setting up the food and even cleaning up a lot of clutter.  I don't remember seeing either of them sit but maybe once.  Thanks for all your hard work!

Tom Kendall officiated the wedding and wrote the ceremony for us.  The ceremony itself was great and fit us perfectly.  We asked him if he had a colorful Hawaiian shirt and he said he did but had never officiated a wedding wearing anything but a suit and tie.  Not only was this a first for him but he looked sharp!  Cat looked the best out of all of them but we'll get to the bride and groom later.  If you would like to reach Mr. Kendall for a ceremony and you are around the Wilmington area feel free to call him at 910-471-2868.  He was very professional but personable and I'm glad we found him.