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Our Labor Day weekend started off Friday morning, get up early and drive to the parents house and load up from there to go.  We took my car, the van and mom & dads SUV.  Three different vehicles loaded full of stuff.  Pretty much uneventful for the most part, driving slow so that everyone kept up was a pain.  At times I'd speed up to 10 over and then slow down again; cruise control is great.  We got to Ocean Isle Beach around 3pm and stopped at the grocery store for the "It's a Wrap" dinner after the rehearsal supplies, snacks; and drinks for the entire weekend.  Needless to say we ran out of soda before mid-day Saturday. 

Rehearsal went ok, it was fairly easy, we had a general idea of things we wanted done.  Everything seemed to work out ok, and the preacher had done a great job on the ceremony vows for us.  Junior was anxious; seemed bored & tired.  He got sick that night; had us worried.  We have no idea if it was the bugs biting, dehydration or just some 12 hour bug.  He was just fine the following Saturday morning.

Saturday morning was everyone's stress day, trying to get last minute things taken care of.  I proudly earned the nickname "Groomzilla" from barking orders at everyone.  It always seems when you are in that type of situation that no one is doing their part; but in the end it always works out just fine.  Everyone pulls together, despite your incessant griping and the show goes on.

We worried at first that we would have an uninvited guest this weekend but Frances was a no show.  It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful weekend; and a beautiful wedding.  It only rained Monday when we left; and even then not as bad as we had thought it could be.

The entire weekend we owe to our friends and family; thanks everybody for making the wedding such a success.

Introduction - The house & People we couldn't have been without
The Wedding Party - All of our people
Kids - Our kids
Groom's Family -
Bride's Family 1 -
Bride's Family 2 -
Getting Ready - Girls get dressed while the groom stresses out!
The Ceremony 1 -
The Ceremony 2 -
The Ceremony 3 -
The Ceremony 4 - Done, everybody walks out.
The Ceremony 5 - Guests walk out & special thanks.
Let's Eat! - Great food & Great Company
Cake & Toast - Cutting the cake & a toast
Let's Party! -  Hanging out pool side
In the pool -
Fun Shots -
The Bride -
The Groom -
Beyond Friendship -