Beyond Friendship - LYMTYWEK

Marriage has been likened to a journey-a unique journey that has the power to take you beyond friendship, beyond romance, beyond what you already know about yourselves and each other. This journey requires trust, goodwill, attention, and, especially, surrender. However, the surrender is not surrender to the other person, nor a matter of denying one's own needs or dreams. Rather, it acknowledges that, in having been drawn to each other, there is a purposefulness to your union. You have come together because this partnership gives you a perfect opportunity to grow more fully into your true Selves and to expand your ability to love-to love yourselves, each other, and all who share your life.


The END!

There are a lot more pictures in the album than are listed here; these are just the best ones out of all of them.  All of the professional pictures are scans of 4x6's so they won't print very high; anyone out there want to voulunteer to scan all the negatives at a ultra-hi-res for us? or donate a scanner that is capable of scanning hi-res negatives?  Donations for paying for a professional service? :)  View the online Photo Albums -> HERE!


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